The Idea of a New Rain Protection Device for Bicycles


The Problem

 Cycling always gets complicated when it is raining. Using rainwear has the issue of sweating, even after a short period of cycling. Same with rain capes, also with the risk of tangling up the fabric with the handlebar. And what to do with the wet cloth when you finally arrive at your destination? To summarize: There is no satisfying solution for cycling on rainy days.


The Solution

 Being a passionate and everyday cyclist myself, I was also always effected by those problems . So I started thinking: What do pedestrians do when it starts raining? Most of them use an umbrella; a transportable, foldable roof with a proven reliability to protect against rain. From time to time you see cyclists using an umbrella too. But with only one free hand left for steering the bike, it becomes a dangerous adventure. Also because of the bike's speed, the rain comes more from the front and the umbrella above your head becomes inefficient. This makes a regular umbrella with a handle not suitable for a bike.

But what about this: A tilted umbrella starting from the front of the bike, extended over the cyclist's shoulders and until the back. An opening for your head, combined with a hood and a holder connected to the bike's frame for easy and quick stabilization of the umbrella? This is the basic idea of our new under-cover system. The device is foldable in similar fashion to a regular umbrella and comes with a telescopic mechanism, so the closed umbrella can be stored nicely on your bike's frame.