The Inventor


 Even as a kid, I always tried to solve technical problems. One of my first attempts was to build something like M. C. Escher's "Wasserfall" with Lego bricks. It took me some time, but after studying physics and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics, I was finally convinced of the hopelessness of this project ;)





In my lifetime, I have witnessed the first signs of global warming due to fossil fuel usage and the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. These events made me interested in the "energy solving problem" and the search for alternatives to nuclear and fossil sources. After getting my degree in physics, I worked for several solar research institutes and companies such as ISE (Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energie Systeme) and the ISC (International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz).





In addition to my own research on the subject, I also became aware of a very important task: Inspiring young people to search for clean and sustainable energy supplies. I founded exergia, a company that develops and manufactures energy related, educational kits for kids and students of all age.



New Ideas

Nevertheless, when you have a curious and creative (hopefully) mind, you cannot stop thinking about better solutions.





Cycling is one of the most environmental friendly ways of transportation. However, I was really not happy about cycling on rainy days! A few years ago, I started tinkering around with different ideas about rain protection for cyclists. The result is the Under-Cover device.


Thomas Schmidt, Freiburg, 19.09.2016